In line with our preventive approach to your dental care, we recommend you see us regularly so any problems can be detected before they get worse. By attending routine check-ups, we can help maintain your oral health and avoid the need for more costly, complex treatment.

During a check-up, Paul will:

  • Thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and oral soft tissues
  • Check how your teeth bite together
  • Screen you for oral cancer
  • Look for signs of infection
  • Assess your jaw joints

He will also give you very useful advice (as will our hygienist) about caring for your teeth, gums and mouth at home.

If Paul does detect any problems, he can provide a range of treatments to help restore the look and function of your teeth, as well as caring for the health of your mouth. Addressing your oral health has benefits for the rest of your body too, as inadequate dental hygiene (and the subsequent development of gum disease) has been linked to conditions such as strokes and heart disease.

A number of lifelong conditions, such as diabetes and some autoimmune diseases, can adversely affect gum health, but the combined support of the dentist and hygienist helps to improve tooth longevity for sufferers. Although we cannot always maintain teeth for life, we can help keep them in place for as long as possible.

Call us on 01625 431 063 to book your essential check-up.

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