Private Fee Guide 2022

Description: Fee per item Denplan Care:
Initial exam £110 excluding x-rays (£19.00 each) N/A
Recall examination £63.00 Included
Scale & polish £83.00 Included
X-Rays From £19.00 Included
White fillings From £82.00 Included
Root canal treatment From £450.00 Included
Crowns From £695.00 Lab fees only
Bridges From £760.00 per unit Lab fees only
Veneers From £895.00 Lab fees only
Tooth whitening From £529.00 Not included, £420
Extractions From £185.00 Included

Private fees are for guidance use only. The private fee charged will depend on time and materials used.


Denplan Care fee rates for 2022

Category A Category B Category C Category D Category E
Monthly £17.95 £25.75 £32.95 £41.50 £51.75


Denplan Essentials fee rates for 2022

Category A Category B Category C
Monthly £11.15 £19.45 £27.95


Denplan Membership £5.49 per month

Please remember that if you are paying for your Dental Care with Denplan, all levels of care i.e. full care/ essentials/ membership you have the option of Accident and Emergency Insurance here at home and worldwide.

  • Please be advised that the practice operates a 24 hour cancellation policy. You may be required to pay deposit towards your treatment.
  • Failed appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged or result in loss of paid deposit. Please click here to view our full policy