Our bridges are a great looking way to replace one or more missing teeth and provide a fixed alternative to dentures. They consist of a false tooth situated between two crowns, which slip over the teeth either side of a gap (abutment teeth), or they can be held firmly in position with dental implants.

If the bridge is being fixed to existing natural teeth, we prepare these by removing a layer of tooth material to ensure there will be sufficient space for the crowns to fit. Impressions are taken so the bridge can be produced to your unique requirements. A temporary bridge will be fitted to protect the prepared abutment teeth and when ready, the final bridge is checked for size and fixed in place.

Bonded Bridges
These are also known as ‘Maryland’ bridges and are an effective, minimally invasive way to fill the gap left by a single lost tooth. The false tooth is simply bonded to the natural teeth either side of a space.

Precision Attachments
These invisibly connect small, removable partial dentures to a crown on a natural tooth and consist of two sections, one that fits to the crown and another which holds the denture. They provide an excellent solution to the problem of having insufficient natural teeth to support a fixed restoration.

A quick reminder of the benefits

  • Restores your smile and self esteem
  • Can enhance eating and speaking ability
  • Realistic looking
  • Prevents any remaining teeth from moving

Complete your partial smile with our beautiful bridges. Call 01625 431 063 to book a consultation.

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